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Welcome Aboard!

Salem Boating Club is located in historic Pennsville, New Jersey. We are an active group of boaters, sailors and fishermen who appreciate the unique natural features and challenges of our beautiful coastline. Our members enjoy a year-round program of banquets and parties, tournaments, visitations and family events.


Kid's catfish tournament

We will be hosting our second annual kid's catfish tournament on 5/13/23 @ 9am. Prizes awarded for longest and heaviest fish. Lunch will be served.

Dock Day 4/15

Dock day will be held this year on 4/15. Breakfast will be served starting at 7am, lunch will also be included. All active members are strongly encouraged to participate in the club's dock day activities.

1/28/23 Raccoon Creek Boat Club

We will be welcoming the Raccoon Creek Boat club to our facility at 11:30AM on 1/28. It's a great group of boaters and always a lot of fun. Invitation to all club members to join us.

Boating News

Meeting Schedule 

General Membership Meeting

4/3/2023 7:00:00 PM

Board of Directors Meeting

4/17/2023 7:00:00 PM

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Salem Boating Club is a Member of the Delaware River Yachtmen's Leaugue   USA

SBC is a private yacht club. For questions about the club see our Contact Information.